Skin and Beauty Tips for Actors and Models

To create striking headshots for actors, as well as for portraits, beauty or fashion photography for models, you need a combination of great lighting, just the right touch of makeup and a face that’s full of personality. Whether you’re doing your own makeup for your photo shoot or using the services of a makeup artist, there are little things you can do in the lead up to your shoot to help you look your best for the session.

Lee Anne Mitchell, Actress

Lee Anne Mitchell, Actress

Beauty is on the Inside

Luna Love, Model

Luna Love, Model

While there’s no doubt makeup can help accentuate a face for headshots, nothing compares to a healthy, natural glow. Take care of yourself on the run up to your photo session and your body, skin and images will thank you for it.

  • Get lots of sleep

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine

  • Avoid sugary food and drinks and eat naturally

  • Drink lots of water to help clear skin and stay hydrated

But a Little Makeup Helps

Headshots for actors should be natural, with minimal makeup and retouching. You want to produce shots that look like the real you. You don’t want to mislead casting directors, so it’s important to get the makeup balance just right.

  • Concealer - Blend a little concealer with a sponge or your finger into areas that need correcting. Pay attention to dark circles under the eyes and blemishes too.

  • Foundation - Avoid oil-based and sheer foundations, as these can give off too much shine in photographs. Liquid foundations give the best coverage. For photography, always use a foundation that matches your skin tone rather than going a shade darker.

Gloria Rosa, Actress and Model

Gloria Rosa, Actress and Model

  • Powder - Face powder is your best friend for headshots. While you might like the dewy-skinned look for everyday, headshots require matte skin to really work. Using powder to set any concealed areas, as well as applying to your forehead, nose and chin will help to keep shine at bay.

  • Emphasize your eyes - Your eyes need to be the key focus of your headshot, so help them stand out with a thin line of black or dark brown eyeliner very close to the lash line of your top lid. Avoid winged liner, smokey eyes and too much shimmer, highlighter or color.

  • Color - Let your eyes do the talking rather than bright shades of lipstick, eyeshadow or blusher. Stick to neutral shades, natural lip colors and steer clear of glitter, shimmer and lip gloss.

  • Brows - Tweeze or wax your eyebrows a few days ahead of your photo session. Brow lines need to appear natural, so avoid very thickly defined brows and contouring.

  • Lips - Keep dry and cracked lips at bay by applying lip balm regularly in the lead up to your shoot.

John Walsh, Model

John Walsh, Model

And heads up, boys! Makeup is not just for women.

Whatever your gender, a little concealer and powder can go a long way, covering blemishes and dark circles so that casting directors focus on your overall features rather than any imperfections.

If you have a beard, make sure it’s neatly trimmed, or consider mixing a few bearded and beardless shots into your portfolio to show off a broader range of looks.

So! Now that you know how to prep your skin and makeup for photos, feeling ready for your close-up? Get in touch!