About Me

I grew up near Chicago and have been in love with filmmaking and photography since I was very young, eventually studying Film & Television Production at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. 

Today, I produce and direct films when I'm not shooting portrait, fashion and headshot photography and video. My film background lends to my edgy and cinematic style with my goal being to bring out the best version of a person through still or moving images.

Having experienced the sometimes awkward, uncomfortable feeling of being in front of the camera, I strive to make sure my subjects are totally relaxed and have a great time shooting. Therefore, my approach is extremely laid-back and when we shoot, you're less like a client and more like a friend. Come hang out!

What Clients Are Saying

"Oh my god. These are spectacular. There are some gorgeous, gorgeous shots in here!!!!!!! I LOVE. The pics are so awesome that I've been getting a surplus of gigs due to them :)" - Gloria R.
(After a headshot session) "This was the most comfortable shoot I've ever experienced." - Ben C.
"I had a lot of fun! And I like your process." - Valerie G.
(regarding a shoot with a friend) "OMG I LOVE these. WE ARE SO STINKING CUTE ITS DISGUSTING." - Chauntel G. 
"WOW. Just WOW. It took me so long to pick the five, there were so many amazing options it was overwhelming. And you really captured the destructive mood I was talking about haha. I would definitely love to shoot again in the future as well! Can't wait to share these! SO pumped! - Erin D.
(After seeing shots from a portrait session with a friend) "Ahhhh. I love these. And I love how you captured our friendship!!!" - Kristen L.